About Gabrielle

“Creativity takes courage.”

— Henri Matissie



Gabrielle Fawkner is a New Zealand artist currently residing in Melbourne. She has  worked as a full-time creativity and art teacher in the early years sector for 30 years.

Gabrielle has a substantial and sustained art practice spanning twenty seven years. Her influences include  Henri Matisse and David Hockney.

Gabrielle is currently working in chalk pastel, charcoal, handmade paper, digital drawing and photography and is currently exploring integrating these mediums.

Her work shows evidence of economic line, colour and pattern.


In Gabrielle’s pastel work,  both in life drawing and plein air, she is exploring the importance of line, light and colour. She is influenced by the expressionistic use of colour in depicting light and Matisse’s use of economical line. By using figurative models Gabrielle is aiming to capture a feeling, thus  reflecting the models personality, and to also tell a story by placing importance on the background.‘ To be naked is to bare one's soul to the world and covering the patterns that we hide behind' Fawkner, G.(2019) Gabrielle has been involved in the Life Model Society helping to train aspiring life models. She  has also experimented with wheat pasting street art and stencil graffiti and a life drawing installation.

In Gabrielle’s digital work she is  exploring patterns, figures and scenery to tell (expand)? on a narrative of  her sense of self. Her art includes figurative art, self portraits, 60s and 70s patterns  and the use of scenery from around her home and surrounding community. ‘Pattern’s are the wallpaper of my life‘ Fawkner, G.(2019)

Gabrielle is currently exploring incorporating texture and photography into her digital art.

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